Pri healthcare background


Personal Health Record System

  1. Portable medical record
  2. 24x7 integrated accessibility across the globe
  3. Quick diagnosis for accurate treatment
  4. Assures rapid response in emergencies
  5. No repeated tests and cross-medication
  6. Prompt access to curative healthcare
  7. Improved quality of care
  1. Manage patient appointments
  2. Up-to-date patient records – 24x7
  3. One-point-contact for healthcare stakeholders
  4. Emergency healthcare information
  5. Facilitates clinical research
  6. Easy to use cloud based system
  7. Increased security and confidentiality of medical data
  8. Reduces administrative workload & overheads
  9. Improved quality of care
  1. No need to invest in expensive servers
  2. Zero maintenance, upgrade or remote support cost
  3. Eases administrative workload and overheads
  4. Increased revenue
  5. Improved communication
  6. Faster workflow
  7. Aids personalized healthcare
  8. Improves triage efficiency
  9. Support go-green & digital initiative
  1. Up-to-date medical records of policy claimers
  2. Eases claim process
  3. Efficient customer service
  4. Reduced hospital recurrence
  5. Abolishes fraudulent claims
  6. Seamless communication with healthcare stakeholders
  7. Improved business efficiency
  8. Promotes brand loyalty

What is eHealthSystem?

eHealthSystem is real-time digital personal health record system which digitizes medical information of individuals that can aid clinicians in faster decision-making. It is a cloud based innovative and patented technology, adhering to international laws and standards, namely, HIPAA, HL7 and HITECH Act,guaranteeing security of medical records.

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